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Oct 27, 2020

On the show today we take a deep dive into AI (Artificial Intelligence not alien intestines). We talk history, dangers & benefits, self-driving cars, a little economics, and we see what happens on a podcast when you are interrupted by a phone call. The link to one of the sites we talked about:


Oct 21, 2020

On the show this time I have Austin Mills or OZ the Co-Founder and Host of TART (The Atheist Round Table) on YouTube and various other platforms.  A former christian/christian leader of 30+ years he likes to discuss religion, faith and the possible impacts on individuals lives. We talk Religion, Christianity,...

Oct 4, 2020

Episode #43

What a great conversation with Calvin Corelli as we try to solve the world’s problems from very different points of view. Later we get on to what’s really real, finding your purpose, living meaningful lives and how he started his business Simplero. I could write more here about right wing propaganda...

Sep 17, 2020

Episode 42

This week I get to talk to author Jesse A. Cruz. We talk about his book, travel, a little football, a little basketball and the tragic story that led him to writing his first book Live Your Dash - Discovering the 8 Fs to Freedom.

Affiliate link:

Jesse A. Cruz lives in upstate New York...

Sep 10, 2020

Episode 41

Was religion hijacked? My very special guest on the podcast today is Betty Kovacs, Ph.D. Last week I talked politics, this week it’s religion and 2,500 years of repression by both Church and State.

More about Betty:

Betty J. Kovacs’ extensive study of the shaman-mystic spiritual tradition of prehistory...