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Feb 27, 2021

Episode #57

What an honor to have Andrew Ecker on the Podcast. After a proper introduction (by Andrew) I listen to him talk about native American history, traditions, honoring the Earth Mother, growing up in America and learning to heal from a childhood filled with challenges.

From his website:

Feb 22, 2021

Episode #56

This time on the show I have the great pleasure of talking to Trav Bell, The Bucket list Guy. This guy is full of positive energy and we talk about how he became The Bucket list Guy, living life fully, overcoming fears, and even how Covid helped him finish his book!

In his own words:

Someone first called me...

Feb 13, 2021

Episode #55

Welcome and thanks for listening. On this episode I talk to Michelle E. Dickinson about mental health, growing up with a mother who was bipolar, understanding the challenges of mental health issues in the workplace and the need to normalize the conversation around mental health.

More from Michelle:

1 in 3...