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Sep 18, 2019

Today on the Podcast I share a lot of laughs and good advice with Paul Bright. Writer/producer/director/editor of 11 feature films who started his career as a union actor before graduating from Hollywood High School. He was the founding artistic director of a repertory theater in the Austin, Texas area and realized more people would see a single movie than an entire season of theater. He resigned from producing stage plays to direct feature films in 2005 and his movies are distributed around the world, both legally and illegally. Two films are in post-production, nine films are streaming online on many different platforms. They are all linked through

He moved to Oregon from New York in 2012 and made a series of TV commercials and public service announcements with Joel Albrecht, Kate Young and Marci Long, along with other video production work in Eugene for companies and non-profit organizations. Now he's performing on stage in Portland theater productions, just finishing the Portland Actors Ensemble production of Shakespeare's AS YOU LIKE IT. He is launching a new theater troupe, with former Eugene actor Jonas Israel, called Oregon Yiddish! (OY!) staging Yiddish plays in Portland in 2020.

He has a course on (u-DEM-ee), which is a learning platform, on independent filmmaking, with nearly 1400 students representing 85 countries, and translated into 24 languages. Less than half the students live in the United States. He's currently creating another course for Udemy on screenwriting.

He has a comedic video commentary series that skewers life's hypocrisies, called Paul's Tub Talks.

Previous seasons are streaming on YouTube. The new season is available through

His passion is for filmmaking and telling unique stories with a distinct perspective.

After completing and releasing CROSSING SHAKY GROUND and STARS IN HIS EYES, Paul’s next feature film will be a sci-fi time travel comedy filming in Portland.


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