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Nov 1, 2019

Wow this is great! Today on my show I have Rob Walsh. One of the pioneers of podcasting here to talk about…podcasting. If you ever wanted some very good info about starting a podcast or you just wonder about what a podcast is and how it’s done, this is the episode for you.

Rob is VP of Podcaster Relations with Libsyn, Liberated Syndication, the company that hosts my podcast. When the top podcasters in the industry want to know how to do better, Rob is their go-to guy.

I was introduced to him on The Feed:

He is also host of the podCast411 Podcast / Blog, the Today in iOS Podcast /blog, co-host of Today in Podcasting Podcast, co-host of the Feed Podcast and host of the KC Startup 411 Podcast.


He is also co-author of the book "Tricks of the Podcasting Masters" and has been the podcasting consultant to Gov. Bill Richardson, Senator John Edwards, Dr. Mark Hyman, Tim Ferriss, Jack Welch and many others.  He has been a monthly columnist for Blogger and Podcaster Magazine as well as App Developer Magazine and is the organizer of the Kansas City Podcaster Meetup.

We talk about the early days of podcasting, why the biggest names in podcasting are big. Why no one starting out should worry about getting bigger, but instead should focus on getting better or just having fun! We also talk about a bunch of behind the scenes type stuff.

Music for all episodes by Jon Griffin.

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